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Many important lessons come from great leaders and can give us powerful boosts.

I am going to share them with you to add the most value to support your leadership journey.

Do you know at least one person that always has an opinion on a given subject? That has a strong set of

When we hear “conflict”, we think “trouble”. When we hear “conflict”, we think “dysfunctional team”, where communication doesn’t work, and people have

Did you ever have a situation when you wanted to teach a person something? You explained everything, you put a lot of

Did you ever noticed that we teach leaders in countless growth programs, workshops, or mentoring processes how to be a great leader,

Agility, being Agile, using Agile tools. For the last couple of years those words or phrases became viral: there are so many

In the first article, I mentioned a few elements about the framework of Process Communication Model (PCM) and I’ve shared how much

While running the other day, I was listening to the podcast by Lori Harder “Earn Your Happy: This Will Get You the

Being a leader is a difficult job. If you are a leader and nobody never said that to you, that means the

Do you know the feeling when you discover something and you don’t believe that you didn’t know it before? That’s the feeling

Where my inspiration comes from?

Many important lessons comes from a great leaders and powerful boos. 
I will happily share them with you to follow it along your journey.