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Leadership Journey

Be a great leader that people don’t quit. Are you ready for it?

About me

I’m Aleksandra Lemańska, former violinist, turned Management Engineer, turned Organizational Psychologist. I help Tech Leaders in getting their teams out of low-engagement, low-motivational spaces. 

How do I do it? I act as a: 

  • Speaker: I deliver powerful keynotes and webinars
  • Trainer: I conduct online & onsite workshops for leaders and their teams
  • HR Consultant: I leverage my holistic HR expertise for strategic People & Culture processes
  • Mentor: I run 1:1 processes with leaders that prefer to work individually
  • Action Learning Coach: I guide teams in effective problem-solving sessions to achieve extraordinary results

If you don't measure it, it doesn't really matter!

My achievements on the journey (so far) in numbers:

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Years of Journey
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My products

TA Leadership 1:1 Process​

Tech/E-commerce/Engineering Leader facing turnover, 
engagement, and motivation challenges? Try 1:1 mentoring
online or onsite for personalized solutions and goal
achievement. Tailored for those who prefer
individualized learning.

PCM Bootcamp​

Our 2-day PCM workshop maps team behavior, provides
communication algorithms, and includes two reports
for enhanced collaboration. Perfect for teams seeking group
learning and improved dynamics.

Power Leman Growth Speech​

Boost motivation and engagement!
Leman Growth Speech offers a customizable
1.5-hour speech for webinars, conferences,
team-building events, or any occasion.
Tailored to your chosen topic and needs.

Leman Inner Circle​

Monthly Masterclasses, tools, and a supportive
community to boost leadership effectiveness
and create an engaging work environment,
reducing turnover.

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PCM is the key

Process Communication Model (PCM) is a model of behaviors that identifies and categorizes six personality types accessible with the elevator. It explores how individuals communicate, behave, and process information, offering insights into their motivations and preferences. PCM provides a practical understanding for effective communication and interpersonal dynamics. 

Elevate your understanding of yourself and others – explore PCM today!

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