No time for personal development?

You don’t have the time? You make the time.

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Welcome To LemanSkills

This place was created in response to the sentence I hear every day: “I don’t have time for personal development / reading / participate in trainings”. After a lot of discussions with several groups that I’ve trained, individual managers and board members I’ve talked to, I decided to change that thinking at scale – to show people that there is no such thing as “no time”. That there is no such thing as lack of resources. There are just resourceless people.  

We all have the same amount of time. What is different between us is that we decide every single day what to do with it. It can be another social media hour. Or another episode of another TV show. Or we can decide otherwise. Better. 

I want to show you that personal growth is a better choice. A real life changer. 

Do you want to have a better life?


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