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Who am I?

Welcome to a transformative journey of growth and excellence. I’m Aleksandra Lemańska, former violinist, turned Management Engineer, turned Organizational Psychologist. 

I’m helping Tech Leaders in getting their teams from out of the low-engagement and low-motivational spaces. I share my knowledge, skills, strategies and tools, such Process Communication Model (PCM) or Transactional Analysis (TA) Method. The goal is we move faster, more accurate and with better results as leaders in the organizations. 

Explore how I can support your path to personal and professional development. We can do it through workshops, one-on-one mentoring processes, insightful keynotes, efficient Action Learning sessions, and strategic HR consulting

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When was the best time to initiate impactful change in your life, team, or organization? 3 years ago. When is the second best time to do it? 


Where does my skills & insights come from?

Unveiling the roots of my inspiration: explore the sources that drive my professional non-stop journey of excellence.

Do you know at least one person that always has an opinion on a given subject? That has a strong set of

When we hear “conflict”, we think “trouble”. When we hear “conflict”, we think “dysfunctional team”, where communication doesn’t work, and people have

Did you ever have a situation when you wanted to teach a person something? You explained everything, you put a lot of

Did you ever noticed that we teach leaders in countless growth programs, workshops, or mentoring processes how to be a great leader,

Agility, being Agile, using Agile tools. For the last couple of years those words or phrases became viral: there are so many

In the first article, I mentioned a few elements about the framework of Process Communication Model (PCM) and I’ve shared how much

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