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What PCM is?

Process Communication Model is a model of behaviors, since the behavior is the first thing we can observe when communicating with others. You can use it to tailor your communication, while having day-to-day conversations, giving feedback & recognition, delegating tasks or having difficult talks with people.

Each person on the planet has six personality types in them. Visually, these personalities form a six-floor building, with each type occupying a floor. The lower the floor, the more visible and strong that personality type is in us.

These types are seen in our beliefs about the world, work environment, communication style, management approach, business priorities, and motivational needs. By knowing that we have better self-awareness, but also we can tailor our communication to others so we don’t go into misunderstandings and don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.
The foundational floor is the Base of the personality structure, exerting the most significant influence on our behavior. This is where our words and non-verbal communication we use the most lands, as well as the channel of communication that we use, the environmental preferences for work and life we have or styles of interacting with others.

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PCM - Process Communication Model

Below, I outlined the fundamental characteristics of the six personality types according to the PCM model.

Which type resonates the most with you?


is an introspective and imaginative person. Imaginers often observes themselves and reflect on many possible scenarios of different events. That is why they often need to be alone. They are not very verbal, they need to be directly invited to share what they have in their heads.

Why we should care?


of employees would be less likely to consider quitting if their companies were better at effectively communicating, even when satisfied with their salary.


of my clients stated that after getting to know how to use PCM, they exactly know how to leverage the differences between people to make a difference at work and in their private every day.

How we can work with PCM together?


Elevate your personal and professional development through tailored mentoring process.


Foster collective growth and synergy within your team through targeted workshops tailored to your team’s needs.

Leadership Level

Empower your leadership team with strategic insights and useful, ready-to-use tools to drive organizational success.

3 steps to achieve your PCM growth:

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Complete the questionnaire.

Work on the results in a one-on-one meeting or during a workshop. Create a plan on how you can leverage PCM in your leadership role.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is PCM different from other behavioral models and personality assessments?

The strength of PCM is not the product, it’s the large impact on life of people who use it. It doesn’t compete with others models, it brings additional insights such as the predictability of distress behaviors and the tools to handle them. Why do we use PCM? Because it works, and it works every single time, no matter which circumstance we are in: leadership, team, 1:1 or personal situations with our significant others, kids, parents or friends.

Do you want to be a better person, who knows their personality structure and everything that comes with it – positive or potentially negative?
Better leader, who knows their leadership style that is a consequence of PCM structure and who builds a great environment for people to work within, based on who they have in the team? More aware parent, friend or a family member which reacts appropriately in each circumstance?

If you answered YES to at least one of the above, PCM is a tool for you!

PCM growth programs are designed to provide you with the level of PCM training that you desire. Whether it is for an individual, a team, or leader that wants to be better with their team. Whether you have one hour or a few months, we can talk and tailor the solutions to your needs.

Contact me for more information.

The cost of training depends upon which training your decide to follow. We have training that can accommodate various price points.
Contact me for more info.

Time commitment is different depending on the training your decide to follow. There is always a questionnaire that takes approx. 20-30 minutes to fill out. The evaluation time depends on which training option you’ll choose. Contact me for more info.

Depending on which option you choose, there is always a set of reports, as a consequence of filling out the PCM questionnaire (2-3 documents).
You will have a long-life access to it, whenever you want to come back and review the results. You will also have all the knowledge I have about PCMin the chosen process: 1:1 single session, mentoring process or team / workshop work, depends on what you need and want at the moment.

After the session / workshop I also overshare the materials that you can use anytime you want with more information but also tips & tricks on
how to use PCM after working with me.

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