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Set Well-Designed Boundaries by Using Contracting

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October 12, 2023 (8AM-4PM CET time)

Welcome to the transformative workshop “Set Well-Designed Boundaries by Using Contracting.” In this dynamic and insightful session, we will delve into the crucial aspect of boundaries and explore how contracting can be an effective tool for establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, both personally and professionally.

As a leadership trainer and transactional analyst, I understand the significance of boundaries in fostering productivity, harmony, and growth within teams and individuals. This workshop is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, techniques, and practical applications of contracting for setting clear and well-defined boundaries.

During this engaging workshop, you will:

  1. Explore the Concept of Boundaries: Understand the significance of boundaries in various aspects of life, such as relationships, communication, and personal well-being. Learn how well-designed boundaries contribute to increased self-awareness, better decision-making, and enhanced interpersonal connections.
  2. Introduction to Contracting: Discover the power of contracting as an effective tool for establishing and maintaining boundaries. Gain insights into the transactional analysis framework and how it can be leveraged to facilitate successful contracting processes.
  3. Essential Elements of Contracting: Learn about the fundamental components that contribute to well-designed contracts. Explore the importance of clarity, mutual agreement, accountability, and flexibility in creating boundaries that promote trust, collaboration, and respect.
  4. Building Effective Contracts: Develop the skills and strategies to create contracts that reflect the needs and expectations of all parties involved. Understand how to align individual and organizational goals, negotiate boundaries, and manage potential conflicts that may arise during the contracting process.
  5. Implementing and Enforcing Boundaries: Gain practical tools and techniques to implement and reinforce well-designed boundaries in real-world scenarios. Learn how to communicate boundaries assertively, handle boundary violations, and foster a culture of accountability and mutual respect within teams and organizations.
  6. Case Studies and Role-Play: Engage in interactive case studies and role-play exercises to apply the concepts and techniques learned. Practice navigating challenging boundary situations and receive constructive feedback from your peers and the facilitator.

By the end of this workshop, you will possess a solid foundation in contracting and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to establish, communicate, and maintain well-designed boundaries effectively. You will leave with a practical toolkit that can be immediately applied to enhance your leadership abilities, improve relationships, and create a positive and productive work environment.

Join us for this enriching workshop and unlock the transformative potential of well-designed boundaries through the power of contracting. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your leadership and interpersonal skills to new heights!

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